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Versailles map & entrances

Map of the Versailles Palace

Visit the Palace of Versailles to witness its undeniable grandeur and unbeatable beauty. France’s most popular attraction is the Palace of Versailles. Every year, the UNESCO World Heritage site attracts almost 15 million visitors. Acquiring an area of 800 hectares including its grounds, Chateau de Versailles covers a wide span of area. Get an interactive Versailles map that can help you to explore the Palace and Estate and be your friend throughout your discovery.

Picture of the Versailles map

Map of the entrances to the Palace of Versailles

Since millions of tourists wish to discover Versailles, the crowd at the entrance gate keeps on increasing day by day. Keeping in mind the safety of visitors and the security of the palace, different gates have been assigned for different tickets. This helps in managing the tourists’ entering the palace more efficiently and avoiding confusion among tourists.
Versailles entrance door
Tickets offices

As soon as you enter the Versailles premises through the Gate of Honour, you reach the Court of Honour. At this point, you’ll find two ticket offices one for standard entry tickets and the other one for a guided tour ticket.

One ticket office is on the left wing and one is on the right wing. Standing in the courtyard and facing towards the palace the standard entry ticket office is at the left wing and the guided tour entry ticket office is at the right wing.

Main Entrance

Entrance A
This entrance is at the left, reserved for guests with a standard entry ticket. Those who have purchased online can have the upper hand, otherwise, those who haven’t purchased can queue up at the ticket counter and enter via Entrance A. 

Entrance B
This entrance is on the right and is reserved for guided tours.

Note: All tickets are time-stamped, whether purchased online or offline.

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