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Marie-Antoinette house at Versailles

Discover the stunning private residence of Queen Marie-Antoinette, surrounded by lovely grounds and with her own hamlet. King Louis XVI handed his adored wife Marie Antoinette a diamond key. With the use of this key, she was able to enter a hidden world free from her responsibilities as a Queen and public life. Don’t forget to visit destinations only accessible to kings, queens, and their closest friends. Explore Marie Antoinette’s former residence, the Little Trianon, which is still furnished as it was back then. Look at the little theatre that was created exclusively for the queen, the jewel of Versailles.

The Little Trianon

The Little Trianon, a little-known gem frequently missed by tourists, is located in the centre of the great Palace of Versailles. This beautiful mansion, perched on a hill overlooking the gardens, was formerly Marie Antoinette’s residence and has since earned a reputation for its complex construction and immaculate grounds. However, there is more to the Little Trianon than meets the eye. Within its elegant walls are numerous hidden rooms and enigmatic tunnels that have yet to be discovered by modern tourists.

A lot of people also aren’t aware of some of the other beauties that are tucked away in this old estate, such as the lovely teahouses, abandoned woods, and half-forgotten churches that are dispersed over its enormous terrain. It would always be a pleasure to find these hidden locations and the unknown treasures of Versailles today, whether you’re an art historian or just someone searching for some fresh untapped region to explore.

The little trianon aerial view

The Queen's Hamlet

The Queen’s Hamlet is located right outside the majestic Palace of Versailles in France. Louis XIV created this lovely housing development as a miniature replica of Paris in the middle of his palace gardens. The town, which consists of 17 structures that resemble common farmhouses and country cottages from all across France, was created to act as a refuge for the king and queen away from their duties at court. Today, tourists may explore Versailles, France’s hidden gems and undiscovered marvels while admiring the stunning architecture and gardens.
marie antoinette's estate

The Theater of Queen

In the beautiful area of Versailles, France, the Theater of Queen is one of the must-see attractions in this world-famous palace. Designed by the famous modernist architect Philip Johnson, this impressive building has a beautifully decorated interior with huge frescoes and elaborate fountains. But its use as a covert location during the French Revolution is likely what makes it most well-known.

There are just 100 seats available in the theatre. The Queen, as well as members of her family and close friends, were supposed to perform there. Many nobles at the period kept little theatres in their rural estates where they would stage plays and operas to pass the time. Its inside is lavishly decorated with white, blue, and gold elements. A wooden chamber that has been painted to resemble marble makes up the inside. The stage equipment is still in place.

versailles theatre

Temple of Love

In the center of Versailles, France, sits a stunning and little-known building called the Temple of Love, or Eglise du Temps. On the grounds of the Chateau de Versailles, formerly the royal abode of the French kings and queens sits this magnificent temple. The Temple of Love, which was constructed in 1701, is primarily made up of two imposing marble towers connected by Moorish arches.

Depicting numerous symbols and people from Greek mythology, the walls are ornamented with elaborate carvings and reliefs. The majority of visitors to Versailles, despite its beauty and historical significance, hardly ever explore this majestic temple. The Temple of Love at Versailles is the ideal location, whether you’re seeking for a peaceful hideaway from the crowds or a private space for a wedding or special occasion.

Temple of Love Versailles in Summer

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