Versailles History - Introduction

Learn all about the history of the Versailles Palace and the French monarchy.

Inside the History of Versailles Palace

One of the most visited monuments in the Ile-de-France region is the Palace of Versailles. This historic place and grounds are visited by more than seven million people every year. The famous Palace of Versailles is located west of Paris. In fact, the Versailles attraction is located only 15 miles from the center of Paris. A symbol of opulence and, as some would say, the extravagance and decadence of the royal family, Versailles is often associated with the French King Louis XIV who carried out many renovations to further enhance the grandeur of the palace. However, according to the history of the palace, it has also served as a royal residence for other French Kings among them includes the beloved King Louis XVI and his mistress, Queen Marie Antoinette.

versailles palace history

The Louvre Museum is France’s most visited historical site, while the Palace of Versailles comes in a close second. It is conveniently accessible from Paris and is situated in the Yvelines (78) department. The Palace of Versailles dubbed the “Sun Monarch’s” most opulent structure and whose construction was entrusted to renowned architect Louis Le Vau, became the king and his court’s permanent home in May 1682. Much more than merely a structure. This château was built by Louis XIV as a political tool for him to maintain political control over his unruly nobility while simultaneously glorifying monarchical authority and French skill.

The AncienT Régime’s architectural splendor and beauty are not the only things to be admired in the Palace of Versailles rather, learn about the privacy of kings and the court intrigues of the royals of Louis.

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