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Louis XV of France and its history at Versailles

Louis XV, sometimes referred to as Louis the Beloved was formerly known as the King of France and was a member of the House of Bourbon from 1715 until his passing in 1774. At the young age of five, he succeeded his great-grandfather Louis XIV. After the death of Louis XIV in September 1715, the court left Versailles for Vincennes and quickly arrived in Paris the following December. The estate then experienced a long period of abandonment. The ruler of the place gets the Fountains played every two weeks to keep some fun. The place remains a curiosity and Tsar Peter the Great will visit it twice between May and June 1717. It was not until June 15, 1722, that the young Louis XV, at his request, returned to Versailles. His top priority is finishing the job that his grandfather started, but he also wants to make more private, solitary spaces where he can finish his studies. His shame led him to multiply those little closets in which he felt more comfortable than in the public places of Louis XIV.

Louis XV french monarchy

During Louis XV’s reign, the Palace underwent many changes, both inside and outside. The apartments were refurbished, the ambassador’s staircase was demolished and the construction of theatre Royal Opera was completed. Apart from this, King Louis XV was much fond of botanical science and enrich his knowledge in the gardens of Versailles. Petit Trianon was also commissioned during his reign.

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